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App Share

The world of music apps is huge and knowing where to start to find new ones can be tricky – enter App Share! We love apps at soundLINCS and want to share some of what we’ve learnt with you to help your music making and teaching.

Keep checking back to this page and our blog for more apps. Please feel free to share any of your favourite apps with us on our Facebook or Twitter so that together we can make the most of our iPads.

643x0wQuantiloop Pro (£9.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 11+.

What is it? Whether you’re inspired by seeing Ed Sheeran in full flow or just want to add another level to your music, Quantiloop is a fantastic recreation of a hardware loop pedal all inside an app. Make it as complex or as simple as you need, creating up to 4 tracks with endless layers of overdubs to build your performance.

Why do we love it? What’s great about Quantiloop is its ability to accommodate musicians across a whole range of abilities and available resources. You can attach a MIDI foot controller and use it as a fully operational loop pedal, or if not just preset your loops, start recording and achieve great results hands free!

unnamedMusic Memos (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 7+. 

What is it? Created by Apple for their devices, Music Memos is a very clever little app that helps take your early compositions to the next level! You can record and save performances of any musical instrument or vocal on to the app, which then detects your tempo, rhythm and chords and lets you instantly hear your musical idea accompanied by realistic sounding drums and bass.

Why do we love it? A great little addition to the app is the auto-record feature, which detects through the device’s microphone the moment that music starts to be played in its vicinity. It then saves the recording for you to revisit later, meaning a momentary glimpse of creative inspiration should never be lost again!

2016-01-20-175929Chordbot (£4.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 11+.

What is it? Chordbot is a songwriting tool that lets you create and play complex chord progressions in different arrangements easily. Just add some chords, select a style and hit play. It is easy to use and can cover the whole range of usage, from just some fun exploration to piecing together complex backing tracks.

Why do we love it? Chordbot offers a fantastic amount of depth in terms of the variety of tools available. With over 60 types of chord, over 70 composing styles and almost 500 instrument tracks, it should definitely have enough options to keep you busy!

impaktor-the-drum-synthesizerImpaktor (£4.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 8+.

What is it? Impaktor is a drum synthesiser that interacts with your surroundings, turning the world into one large percussion instrument. You just slap your desk, legs, floor or friend like you would a real drum. The real acoustical impulses from the built-in microphone then relay to Impaktor which simulates  membranes, cymbals, metallophones or strings.

Why do we love it? Using your environment to create sounds brings a brilliant element to this app and makes it a joy to explore. The easy ability to record, re-record and layer means you can be turning your room into a great composition in no time.

notion3-scoreNotion (£14.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 11+.

What is it? Notion is a notation editor and playback tool. It contains an interactive piano keyboard, fretboard, and drum pad, as well as handwriting recognition, which make it a great place to get started composing your music.

Why do we love it? The opportunities to expand and build are great with Notion. There are dozens of different platforms and methods of exporting or uploading your tracks to different devices, whilst it can also easily be dropped across to PC based composition tools to take your creation to the next level!

thicket2Thicket (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages and SEND.

What is it? Thicket is a soundscape app, which offers a moodier and darker experience than many of its competitors. Interact and react with your audio and visual environment, controlling both simultaneously with touch and gesture.

Why do we love it? It is easy to navigate and use, and comes with a good range of parental locks and features that mean it is an app you can easily allow your children to get immersed in without having to peer over their shoulder!

guitarism-main-interface-ios8Guitarism (£4.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 5+.

What is it? Guitarism is a recreation of an acoustic guitar, offering an extensive chord library and a simple interface for strumming the available chords. It offers a great guitar sound and has even put a lot of thought into the images shown, striving to give the closest expierience to playing the real thing that you can hope for.

Why do we love it? It sounds good, claiming to be the “most realistic sound” on offer from the world of guitar apps. The interface allows you to strum and finger-pick using the on-board chord library.

jammerJammer (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 8+.

What is it? Always fancied yourself as a DJ but never tried it? Jammer gives one of the easiest entry points into the DJ life we have seen, with great sounds just a tap away. Jammer turns songs into musical instruments, using shapes within their videos to help you mix, with circles for loops and squares for one-shots and repeats. Its great fun to explore!

Why do we love it? Whilst the lack of a recording or sharing function means that the legacy of this app isn’t fantastic, it is still one of the quickest to access and feel like you are making music quickly and effectively. With a lot of independent songs and record labels used on the app as well, it’s a great way to discover your favourite artist you’d never heard of!

552x414bbBongos (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Simply put – Bongos is a bongo app! There are four instrument sounds available, two bongos, a wooden stick and a cowbell, with 18 high quality bongo samples available.

Why do we love it? Depending whereabouts you hit the skin of the bongo, you create a different tone, similar to the real thing! Multi-timbral so you can have all four sounds playing at the same time if you want.

Photo-2015-03-26-12-24-04-AMMedly (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 11+.

What is it? Medly offers a systematic and comprehensive music-making experience. It breaks up your song into sections that you can easily pick up, move, delete, copy, and link together to make loops. You can then arrange your sections, using up to 8 instrument tracks, to make your own tracks, with an array of mixers and effects available.

Why do we love it? The level of choice on Medly is impressive, with a whopping 92 instruments at your fingertips as you begin to create your composition. A great array of support, sharing and accessibility options also mean it is always available to you and you can make music anywhere!

hqdefaultWeDrum (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 5+.

What is it? Following on from the success of numerous guitar based simulators, WeDrum allows you to play along to an array of popular songs and immerse yourself in the band experience. Achieve the best score that you can and earn the adoration of the crowd!

Why do we love it? Whilst we can’t pretend that it replicates the true drumming experience, it is a great entry point and the chance to join in on famous tracks really helps immerse you in the situation and make any new learners feel like a star. We also always love a chance to break a top score!

maxresdefaultNOIZ (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 8+.

What is it? NOIZ is a music-making production app using beats, fills and effects to create original tracks. It has a simple drag and drop method to build your masterpiece, which you can edit a variety of elements of including scales and tempos. This can then be recorded, uploaded and shared to your friends and the wider internet.

Why do we love it? Simply put, NOIZ looks great, the bright design and engaging interface really sets it apart from other similar apps and makes it a delight to interact with.

Samplebot-pads-screen-1Samplebot (£4.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Samplebot uses a grid of coloured tiles to represent audio clips, which can be recorded live or imported from elsewhere. Clips can then be played back with a touch, or recorded and layered with other sounds using the app’s sequencer function.

Why do we love it? It’s so accessible and fun to use for all ages. Open to all abilities, more experienced producers can create some great tracks using the app, whilst it is also great for children to explore their environment, creating samples and songs using noises from toys and objects around them.

unnamedCrayola DJ (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect For: Ages 5+.

What is it? Every superstar DJ starts somewhere, and for the big names of the future Crayola DJ might be the answer. The app allows you to mix loops, add fun sound effects and the face the music as you perform in front of an audience and receive points for mixing and scratching.

Why do we love it? For a genre of music performance that can be made to feel technical and daunting, Crayola DJ does a great job of welcoming in the younger audience whilst not diluting the skillset. It uses tools such as crossfaders, sound effects and tempo sliders whilst maintaining a fun and engaging feel.

520x293bbSoundtrap (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect For: Ages 7+.

What is it? Soundtrap is something of a ‘one-stop shop’ for several great music app features. You can load in a samples provided to create a track, play out some melodies using the built-in instruments (similar to Garageband), or use the app to record your own vocals and instruments.

Why do we love it? It’s free! Soundtrap is a great entry point to people who are interested in apps like Garageband but dissuaded by the price. It’s easy to navigate and gives a good wealth of options that make it great to play with and begin to build your knowledge.

unnamedFlashnote Derby (£4.99 on iOS and £1.78 on Play Store)

Perfect For: Ages 6+

What is it? Flashnote Derby is a fun way to learn and practice reading music notes. Choose the notes that you need to practice and the race begins! With a horse race unfolding in front of you pick the correct notes using letter names, solfege or piano keys to boost your horse and win the race!

Why do we love it? We always find that the competitive game element is a fantastic way to engage children in learning, and to make them repeat exercises until they are mastered. Flashnote Derby does this perfectly and quickly and can accompany learners of a wide range of abilities.

552x414bbTido (Free on iOS: £2.99 a month for Premium Subscription)

Perfect For: Ages 10+

What is it? Tido is one of the leading lights in piano sheet music apps, offering a really advanced and wide service which can benefit everyone from beginners to experts. With a massive range of sheet music available from the early composers through to modern musicals like La La Land, Tido intuitively interacts with your playing for the best possible experience.

Why do we love it? The listening technology of Tido is an invaluable tool. Tido will monitor where are you are in the sheet music by listening to your playing, and will automatically turn the page for you so that your focus can lie entirely with your performance.

e4567959dd2d7e55cd5522ab2694964fRhythm Cat (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 6+

What is it? Another ‘game’ style music teaching app. Rhythm Cat helps you easily learn common musical concepts such as syncopation, meter changes, ties and several more.  Rhythm Cat also allows you to tap along with the tunes until you get the rhythm correct, progressing through levels as you master each.

Why do we love it? Again, the engagement that comes with playing a game makes this a brilliant way to engage younger people. It offers a simple and straight forward layout (plus cute cat) to make it easy to get straight into the levels and start learning rhythms!

BeatMirror-set-tempo-1Beat Mirror (£4.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Any practicing musicians.

What is it? Simply put, Beat Mirror uses your device’s built-in microphone to detect your tempo while you play. All you have to do is set your target and Beat Mirror will do the rest, laying out your bpm on a simple graph to monitor where you need to be speeding up or slowing down.

Why do we love it? The effortlessness of the app is its true beauty. You can be underway in a matter of seconds and then have the data immediately at your fingertips to evaluate. Beat Mirror should give you an invaluable form of feedback without impacting on your routine or approach at all!

duckiedeckhomemadeorchestraappss2Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra (£2.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 3+.

What is it? Similar to Toca Band, Duckie Deck allows children to select and listen to sounds made from a variety of “instruments” and characters, all formed of household objects. Sounds can be played on their own, or placed together to explore how they interact and can be built.

Why do we love it? It encourages you to step away from the screen and explore the music of your house. As much as we love apps that has to be a good thing! The performers available include pencils, combs, glasses of water and pots and pans – with the app having a real emphasis on recreating it and making your own household soundscape!

screen480x480 (1)ABC Music (£2.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 3+.

What is it? Designed as an introduction to music alongside other academic elements, ABC teaches both about the alphabet and different kinds of musical instruments through an array of different media, including videos, pictures, sounds and games.

Why do we love it? It’s a great app to help a child explore their first steps into music at their own pace. It is easy to navigate and has over 50 different exercises and 100 different videos they can use, helping build up a wide ranging knowledge of both instruments and musical terms.

maxresdefaultIsle of Tune (£2.99 on iOS and free on your browser)

Perfect For: Ages 5+.

What is it? Sim City meets music! Isle of Tune is a fantastic app where you are given an empty island to construct roads, houses, lampposts and trees – that form their own unique sequencer! Each item can be assigned its own note or sound, and you then send your car round the track to play the composition.

Why do we love it? It’s just so immersive and addictive across many age groups! With endless possibilities for composition of your own track, and over 200,000 other islands to look through (and compete with) online, it can pull you in for hours.

picture-37StaffWars (99p on iOS, 60p on Android)

Perfect For: Ages 8+.

What is it? StaffWars is a simple game designed to help beginner and intermediate musicians learn and practice the treble, alto and bass clefs. In the mould of classic games like Space Invaders, in StaffWars you are required to quickly identify a note flying across the stave, which your spaceship will then destroy. Three wrong answers and it’s game over!

Why do we love it? Learning without even realising has to be good. And with numerous levels and opportunities to post a high score, the competitive element of this game is enough to draw in many otherwise hesitant music students.

screenshot-pitch-1Sonoptic (£6.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 11+.

What is it? Sonoptic is designed to paint a unique picture of your musical performance to help you quickly improve and better reach your goals. As a practice tool it provides immediate feedback on your pitch and rhythmic accuracy, phrasing and dynamics and contains nearly 400 melodic exercises across a customisable range of difficulties and genres.

Why do we love it? For the range of help it provides, what is most impressive about Sonoptic is how simple it is! All you need is your device’s microphone function, and you can be getting feedback and improvements in a matter of minutes.

SingTrue (Free for iOS)SingTrue

Perfect For: Beginners to singing.

What is it? SingTrue claims to be able to teach anybody to sing in perfect tune, and features over 30 interactive exercises that not only help improve your skills but also aim to make you more confident in your singing. The App uses your device’s microphone to track your voice and provide personalised feedback on how you can improve.

Why do we love it? The great thing about SingTrue is its open approach to engaging everyone in singing, no matter how good or bad you think you are. It is encouraging throughout the development process and can still be useful if just used for a few minutes a day.

MonkeyMonkey Drum (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 3-11.

What is it? A simple app to help children engage in music-making, Monkey Drum lets you interact with jungle animals who will repeat back drum beats and rhythms that you create.

Why do we love it? The interactive elements are fantastic for engaging young people. You can tap the animal and their environment to garner different reactions from then, and can even feed them bananas to change their mood!

FugueFugue Machine (£9.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 12+.

What is it? Fugue Machine is the world’s first multi-playhead piano roll, taking inspiration from classical composers from Baroque. Create a musical sequence and play it back with up to four playheads at once — each at various speeds, directions, and pitches.

Why do we love it? It’s extremely intuitive and creative, if a little scary at first glance! The combination of different playheads allows for unexpectedly complex creations to be made relatively quickly, making it a fantastic resource for anyone looking for a sequencer.

songHum (£2.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Anyone who loves writing songs.

What is it? Hum is an app that brings together all your songwriting inspirations and musings to make sure nothing gets lost again! It combines note-taking and audio recording into one place and allows you to organise them by key, tuning and mood for a simple and easily accessible layout.

Why do we love it? The way Hum links with other apps makes it excellent as a single destination for songwriters. Everything can be backed up on dropbox, audio can be imported from other apps and with a built-in tuner and instant playback option it even serves as a very capable recording suite.

djay2-iphone-800x450djay2 (£1.99 on iOS and £2.99 on Android)

Perfect For: Ages 10+.

What is it? djay2 is one of the best-selling music apps out there, connecting with your device to create a playlist of your songs that you can mix, loop, sample, scratch and record to across one or several decks to start sounding like a master mixer in no time.

Why do we love it? djay2 has enough depth and options to offer something to people of all ability levels, however the fact that can interact with tracks from your Spotify and iTunes accounts makes it incredibly accessible to beginners, as they can experiment with the music that they know and love.

IMG_0030Tessitura Pro (£5.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 12+.

What is it? Tessitura Pro is a dense and powerful resource for learning and studying musical structures and scales. With really detailed tutorials and a series of videos included to help, it is an incredible learning tool for aspiring (and established) musicians and composers.

Why do we love it? The beauty of Tessitura is very much in its depth. There are a seemingly endless number of things to study and practice making it a great resource for improvisation and composition.

a1Magic Piano (Free for iOS and Android)

Perfect For: Ages 5+

What is it? One of the most popular Apps out there, Magic Piano is a pianist’s answer to Guitar Hero, tapping along with balls of light to recreate melodies and chords from popular songs. Freestyle mode also gives the opportunity to explore the 3 different pianos available within the app and hone your skills and create new sounds.

Why do we love it? The ‘game’ style format of Magic Piano is great for meaning there is always a fresh challenge and reason to revisit. Numerous challenges are available which can unlock new levels, achievements, and badges, so it always feels like there’s something new to do.

a2Cleartune (£3.99 on iOS and £2.39 on Android)

Perfect For: Anyone looking to tune!

What is it? Cleartune is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument. Using the built in microphone on most devices it can quickly and accurately find your pitch across a multitude of instruments and get fine tuned.

Why do we love it? Cleartune’s unique “note wheel” interface makes it a much quicker process than most competing tuning apps. With support for custom temperaments, transposition and notations and adjustable calibration and more, Cleartune offers a deep range of settings to ensure you are tuned to perfection!

a3Tempo (£2.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 10+

What is it? Tempo promises to be the most accurate metronome app available and as far as we can see seems to deliver upon it! With a simple interface and the option to select settings manually or have them automatically detected, it is a great tool for musicians of all abilities.

Why do we love it? Tempo has a fantastic range of options to suit your needs. With 35 different time signatures, as well as 6 rhythm patterns for simple meters and 3 for compound meters, it will always manage to keep you on track!

Patatap (£1.99 for iOS, £1.79 on Android or free at wwMarch App Sharew.patatap.com)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit. With the touch of a finger (or keyboard) you can create a range of melodies synchronised with moving shapes and animations to create a fantastic soundscape. You can switch between a variety of colour and sound combinations, to create an engaging and ever-evolving pallet.

Why do we love it? The variety and simplicity with which you can jump into it! With 7 different environments containing 26 different sounds each, you can have great fun exploring, whether it’s just typing your name or creating full blown compositions.

mzl.vethzvqr.1024x1024-65Little Fox Music Box (£2.99 on iOS or £2.49 on Android)

Perfect For: Early Years.

What is it? A sing-along songbook for young children, Little Fox Music Box contains 3 songs and nursery rhymes alongside interactive animations to enjoy. Also contains the ‘Fox Music Studio’ where children can explore and begin to create and record their own songs.

Why do we love it? As much as the music, Little Fox Music Box is visually stunning. Designed by Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger there are more than 100 interactive elements and animations to explore within the songs.

us-ipad-2-music-sparkles-musical-instruments-collectionMusic Sparkles (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: All Ages

What is it? A collection of 14 different musical instruments, Music Sparkles lets you explore xylophones, electric guitars, harps and more, creating an engaging array of sparkles and animations in time with the music you create.

Why do we love it? It’s a fantastic musical introduction that allows you to explore the range of sounds and interactions you can have with an instrument. Instant engagement across all abilities and ages makes it a fantastic app to have at your fingertips.

screen480x480Scape (£11.99 for iOS)

Perfect For: Early Years and SEND.

What is it? Scape is an innovative app that makes ambient music by combining shapes, colors, textures, and backgrounds into a visual palette. Each shape contains musical elements designed to behave differently depending on where and when they’re used, interacting with each other to create unique audio/visual landscapes everytime.

Why do we love it? There’s a really good variety of landscapes and elements, and your creations can be saved and returned to at a later date. This is fantastic for if you find something particularly soothing or engaging for a participant.

unnamedBandBlast (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 6+.

What is it? BandBlast is an interactive, curriculum based learning tool for anyone who wants to learn how to play an instrument. It contains a variety of rhythm and pitch based games, alongside recording capabilities and a wealth of instructional videos from prolific musicians and teachers across the world.

Why do we love it? The variety of instruments BandBlast can help you learn is what makes it so useful, especially in a school or education setting. BandBlast will teach you how to play violin, flute, cello, tenor sax, alto sax, viola, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and double bass.

gobeats-learning-1GoBeats (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 8+.

What is it? GoBeats contains artificial intelligence technology which listens to your guitar playing and recognises things such as your chord progression, BPM and time signature. It then provides generated matching jam tracks, including bass guitar and drums. It can match a range of abilities and complexities and let’s you create band jamming experience all on your own.

Why do we love it? GoBeats is about as simple as things can get. On launch, you simply tap the large circle icon in the centre of the screen and then just start playing your guitar! The apps detects what you are playing through your microphone and, when you tap the circle for a second time you can trigger playback of GoBeats’ accompanying suggestions.

imagesAirVox (£0.79 for iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Like a theremin you can carry round in your pocket. AirVox is an app controlled without touch, using the devices camera to allow you to make music with hand gestures and motions. Your movements are tracked and control note and pitch across 50 musical scales.

Why do we love it? The fact that no musical knowledge is needed! Anyone can be an instrument with just the slightest movement. However, there are options for very specific customisation and fine movement that mean more experienced users can create greatly honed sounds.

korgikaossilatorKORG iKaossilator (£7.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 10+.

What is it? The iKaossilator is a synthesiser app. It uses the X-Y interface, so you can play and create sounds just by moving your finger around your device’s screen. You can compose tracks, control loops for DJ-style performances, and even sync with other iPhone users so you can produce music together.

Why do we love it? With 50 loops and 150 sounds there is a great, diverse range of options in the app to shape your creations. The sharing functionality is also fantastic, as you can easily record or export your creations, and even loop them back into the app. Easy connection to soundcloud is also a big bonus.

18mm8oeq0uj2hjpgTrope (£2.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Early Years and SEND.

What is it? From the people behind the excellent Bloom, Trope allows you to create immersive soundscapes by drawing onto the screen, with varying tones playing to mirror your movements.

Why do we love it? Trope can be a really engrossing experience, allowing anyone to feel their influence over music with just the tap of a screen. There is also a listen mode which provides an ambient, relaxing experience without the need to engage.

google-maps-santa-trackerSanta Tracker (Free on your browser)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Santa Tracker is Google’s annual online phenomenon. Santa Tracker works as an online advent calendar counting down to Christmas, opening a new Christmas activity, game or page every day as Santa’s village grows.

Why do we love it? The range and variety of activities on offer make every day a fun surprise. Whether you’re shaving Santa’s beard or coding snowflakes, there’s always something original to explore and enjoy.

screen520x924Sing Along Christmas Carols (Free on iOS – £3.99 add on for 50 more songs)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Combining Karaoke and Christmas, this app gives you the lyrics to popular Christmas Carols to mean anyone can be wassailing this festive period. Also the option to unlock a further 50 songs to become a true caroling expert.

Why do we love it? It’s simplicity and easy layout is great. But also the option to skip to certain sections of songs or increase and decrease the tempo give extra customisation that makes it perfect for practicing!

screen480x480Christmas Piano (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Exactly what it sounds like! Christmas Piano is an app that allows you to learn some of your favourite Christmas tunes with increasing levels of difficulty as well as the options to learn along to both notation or lyrics.

Why do we love it? The increasing difficulties makes it a great app to access for people of all skill levels. You can start as a beginner with a slow, easy run-through, then learn the song on each hand before stepping up to expert and performing a double handed showpiece.

app11Beamz (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect For: Ages 3+.

What is it? Beamz includes 17 interactive songs (with plenty more available as add-ons) that each comprise of 12 different sounds and layers. Simply tap on as many lasers as you like to instantly start creating great sounding tracks and rhythms you can share with your friends.

Why do we love it? The brilliant thing about Beamz is that even as a musical beginner you can dive straight in and start creating. There are genres to please everyone, from Bluegrass to dubstep, and a plethora of instruments that makes it a good introduction to a new genre or sound.

app12Music Memos (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 11+ or anyone making music!

What is it? With Music Memos, musicians and songwriters can capture, organize and develop their musical ideas on their iPhone. Full of features for songwriting and developing musical ideas, the app lets you record any musical instrument through the iPhone’s built-in microphone in a high-quality, uncompressed format.

Why do we love it? It’s what the app does next though that makes it so popular. Once complete, you can name, tag and rate your recording. Memos will then analyse rhythm and chords of acoustic guitar and piano recordings, and instantly add drums and a bass line that matches the feel of your song. It provides basic notation that displays the chords that were played and is compatible with numerous other apps.

app13Loopy HD (£2.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 7+.

What is it? Loopy is a multitrack looper that can function both as a fun recreational app or a useful professional tool for creating tracks. Choose between 6, 9 or 12 easy to control loops and start recording, manipulating and creating!

Why do we love it? The slick ease of Loopy is what makes it great. As a beginner you can easily navigate straight in and begin playing with the app, or as a pro intelligent features like count-in allow you to focus on playing your instruments and letting the app do the work!

To view more of our favourite apps and start app-lying yourself to music technology visit our App Share page.

app3Baby’s Musical Hands (£0.79 on iOS, £0.63 on Android)

Perfect For: Early Years and SEND.

What is it? The app has 15 brightly-coloured squares that make different sounds such as drums, piano and guitar. It’s great for exploring sound and it’s really easy to use, making it accessible to everyone.

Why do we love it? Baby’s Musical Hands is so colourful and the stars that burst from your fingertips whenever you touch a square make it ideal for engaging young children. More than one square can be pressed at once so the possibilities for creating unique soundscapes are brilliant.

app2My Note Games (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? My Note Games has been designed to teach music theory and enable musical instrument development. It recognises the notes that you play along to the games and gives you instant feedback on how well you’re performing.

Why do we love it? The app can recognise instruments such as the piano, guitar, trumpet and recorder and has games to suit them all. You can unlock more levels as you progress which makes practicing your instrument a lot more fun and engaging.

app1Ratatap Drums Free (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Ratatap is a drumkit simulator that claims to provide the fastest response time of any drum app! With 10 different kits across a range of genres and the ability to customise your kits positioning and selection, its a great way to explore a range of combinations and sounds.

Why do we love it? It’s not just the array of kits and customisation potential we love, as the way you interact with the drums really sets the app apart. The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound and swirling your finger around allows for creating slower or faster rolls. The drum sound will also vary slightly from hit to hit, with very fast response time providing an authentic drum experience.

screen320x480Note Perfect! (£0.79 on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Note Perfect is great music game that helps you polish your note-reading skills in a fun and interactive way. You can choose between four clefs and three difficulty levels, which you can keep it challenging as you get better.

Why do we love it? It’s really useful for those new to reading music and it looks great for an app so simple. The time limit adds an element of excitement to the game and the High Scores make you want to carry on improving your skills.

sc552x414Ear Trainer (£4.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Ear Trainer focuses on recognising notes, chords and intervals by ear. It can be used by anyone regardless of their musical ability and you progress through exercises that get increasingly difficult.

Why do we love it? There are so many exercises which can all be accessed straight from the beginning, so there’s no need to unlock anything if you want to jump straight into the more advanced stuff. The app provides you with instant feedback on how many were correct so you can strive for that all-important 100% rating.

screen480x480Rhythm Lab (£3.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: All ages.

What is it? Rhythm Lab is a fantastic tool to use in music lesson to get students tapping out rhythms accurately. There are four types of exercises included: single and two-handed rhythm patters as well as single drum and full drum kit. You tap the rhythm on screen in time with the metronome and the app gives you feedback on how accurate you are.

Why do we love it? The app has plenty of presets included but also allows you to create and share your own custom rhythm exercises. For instrumental teachers, worksheets can be created using the app and you’re able to log in as individual users, meaning that each student can have their own profile tracking their high scores.

412380315_padscreen1360x480Symphony Pro (£7.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 10+.

What is it? Symphony Pro lets you compose and notate music on your iPad. It’s possible to write real sheet music for virtually any size ensemble which you can play back to hear your creations. It has a really impressive range of instruments, and features such as copy & paste make it an essential tool for composers on the go.

Why do we love it? The sheer detail on this app really makes it stand out. There are numerous ways to input notes from tapping through to playing your melody with the on-screen keyboard and watching the app notate it for you. The playback produces a high-quality, realistic sound no matter how many instruments you have.

dropophone-screen1-300x200Dropophone (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Early Years and SEND.

What is it? Dropophone is a simple yet effective app which uses multi-coloured droplets to produce a variety of sound. It recognises the sequence that you press the drops in and plays them back to you on a loop. The different colours represent different types of sound, giving you loads of possibilities.

Why do we love it? It’s a simple app that produces really great results. It’s immediately accessible, fun to explore and intuitive to use. All of the notes work with each other so there’s no chance of getting it wrong either!

IMG_0667Chord Detector (£2.29 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 8+.

What is it? Chord Detector does exactly what the name suggests – it can detect chords for the guitar, ukulele, banjo and mandolin using any song from an iPad’s music library, Dropbox folder, YouTube video or soundcloud sound. It’s a fantastic tool to use when learning new songs.

Why do we love it? It’s impressively accurate and detects more complex chords such as augmented and diminished, allowing you to perfect the song in no time. With guitar, ukulele, banjo and mandolin as the chosen instruments it really is an essential for the string instrument player wanting to increase their repertoire.

screen480x480OMGuitar (£2.29 on iOS)

Perfect For: All Ages.

What is it? OMGuitar is a playable digital guitar with some great customisation options. It includes 8 different guitars and 10 effects which can all be altered. The app responds to the speed of your guitar strumming and even lets you bend strings.

Why do we love it? The sound quality on this app is very high, so you can really tell the difference when you choose another guitar or effects setting. The chord bank can be made entirely custom to suit any song or feel, and the app includes chord progressions to several songs as standard which you can play along with.

Tabletopalgebrask9d-session-capture (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 5+.

What is it? Tabletop lets you arrange electronic modules and synthesisers on your very own virtual table. Each module and synthesiser could almost be an app in itself so there’s loads of room to get creative. Adding, removing and rearranging elements is a really intuitive process even if it all looks a bit complex at first.

Why do we love it? There are so many possibilities with this app. The number of settings to explore on each device you can add to your table is impressive to say the least, and when you get them all working together to create a song the results are outstanding.

screen480x480 (1)SightScribe (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 5+.

What is it? SightScribe is the latest sight-reading tool for the iPad. Users can endlessly generate sight-reading exercises to keep them fresh and challenging. Every aspect of the exercise can be customised including the key of the piece, the duration of the notes and the size of the intervals between them.

Why do we love it? There are a good number of instruments catered for on the app and progressive sight-reading lessons are available for all of them. This makes it an essential tool for any musician or multi-instrumentalist that wants to develop their all-important sight-reading skills. The best thing about SightScribe is that the app has finally solved the sight-reading problem: When you’ve played through it once, the exercise book is useless.

rm1Rockmate (£2.29 on iOS)

Perfect For: 5+

What is it? Rockmate is an app that lets you design your own virtual stage. With two guitars, a keyboard and a drum kit you can record and play your own songs. The ability to loop sections and record vocals through an in-built microphone makes it great for quick song-writing.

Why do we love it? The possibilities are endless with the impressive amount of effects and unique-sounding instruments. It includes plenty of styles that set your instruments to different sounds and even has effects pedals for the guitars.

tmTouch of Music (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Early Years and SEND

What is it? Touch Music does exactly that – you touch the screen to make music. Each tap gets you further through a song, which can be done at your own speed. The multi-coloured drops that appear give it a really nice look, but be careful not to get in their way as they’re falling!

Why do we love it? There are loads of songs covering a range of styles from nursery rhymes to classical sonatas. The rating system lets you track your progress and accuracy, adding a challenging yet fun element to the app. New songs are added each month to keep you coming back for more.

maxresdefaultSeline Redux Pro (£14.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 5+.

What is it? Seline is a virtual synthesiser that’s truly unique. Rather than using the familiar keyboard layout, you are presented with a series of tiles designed to fit nicely underneath your fingers. This makes it really comfortable to play and a lot better for accuracy. All the controls are within easy reach, even when you’re playing a tune, so you can keep making music while you explore.

Why do we love it? There are so many sounds that come with the app. You can assign a different one to each hand which gives you an extensive number of combinations. The pre-set scales let you customise the feel of whatever you decide to play, but if none of those suit your mood there’s always the option to create your own custom scale. The app even comes complete with loops and backing tracks for you to play over and explore. One of the best things about Seline is the genius design and layout of the functions – having the room to play accurately means you can get creative quickly!

6a00d83452e46469e2019b014ad69f970d-400wiiReal Pro (£9.99 on iOS or £10.70 on Android)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Based on the famous jazz Realbooks, iRealPro is a brilliant tool for creating chord progressions in the form of lead sheets that you can listen to and play over. The app comes with plenty of songs ready to use as backing tracks straight away, but the ability to create and save your own makes it ideal for songwriters and solo instrumentalists alike. The online forum has thousands of tracks available to download for free making it a great value app.

Why do we love it? There are loads of features on iRealPro that make it a must-have for musicians of all abilities. The app shows you chords diagrams for Guitar, Piano and Ukelele as you play through a song to help you progress on your instrument. For those wanting a challenge, the automatic tempo increase and automatic transposition elements allow your practice sessions to get harder as you get better.

screen480x480 (3)forScore (£7.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? forScore is a music and pdf reader for the iPad with a difference. The features include an in-app metronome which can be set as a sound or as the brightness ‘blinking’ in time. Musicians are able to annotate any sheet music they download as they would for a performance on real sheet music. There’s even an option for hands-free page turning, meaning you never have to skip a page again!

Why do we love it? One of the most helpful things about forScore is its ability to organise all of your music for you instantly. No matter how much music you have in your collection, you can quickly search by composer, song title and how long you’ve had the piece in the app’s library. There’s an impressive amount of free music available on the marketplace, but users can also add any music that they own as a pdf and carry their sheet music collection around all in one place.

2013_09_com.ovelin.guitartuna_pic_1guitartuna (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? At first it may seem like just another app for tuning your guitar, but guitartuna has an amazing number of features which make it much more than that. The full version of the app includes easy and accurate tuning for a whole host of string instruments from guitars and basses to cavaquinhos and balalaikas. What’s more, it contains the most popular alternative tunings for each instrument, allowing for quick changing between songs.

Why do we love it? As well as the extensive tuning features, guitartuna also comes with easy-to-read chord charts for the guitar, letting you recap on those trickier chords quickly before you play. The in-app games are designed to teach you chords and chord patterns and eventually master them by playing from memory, with real-time feedback on how you’re progressing.


SoundGrid (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? SoundGrid uses the all-too-familiar grid of squares that you can select to make sounds in the same way that ToneMatrix works. It also has the same ‘layers’ feature as Loopseque which lets you choose between drums, vibes, bells and simple tones to create a song which has everything you want. Up to 8 patterns can be created for each instrument which means that any songs created can have different sections.

Why do we love it? This versatile app is great for creating entire songs that have their own sections and instruments and you can record anything you make to play back later. Effects are included such as Delay which allows for some really interesting creations. It’s surprisingly simple to use considering there are so many options and ways of playing!

screen480x480 (3)Mugician (£0.79 on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Mugician is a simple app that’s great for exploring how sound waves work in a fun and interactive way. All of the notes are laid out like a grid in the app and each set of notes uses a different type of sound wave to show how it effects what you hear. Playing music on Mugician is also really easy and you can get started as soon as the app opens so it’s perfect for exploring notes and making up tunes.

Why do we love it? The simplicity of Mugician is what makes it so great considering it’s all about exploring complicated sound waves. There is a huge range of notes that you can play and each set can be assigned a sound wave to end up with something really unique by the time you’re finished. Dragging your fingers around the app lets you blend the notes together to make some very interesting sounds.

funkboxipad6FunkBox Drum Machine (£3.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Funk Box is an app that lets you make your own drum beats and also has pre-made drum beats to suit any style of music. It looks complicated at first because of the many different features, but it’s very easy to get started right away by pressing any of the 8 squares which match the parts of a drum kit. Each genre has a range of drum machines that you select to get loads of really different sounds out of the app!

Why do we love it? The sheer number of drum machines that you can play with is really impressive, ranging from vintage disco drum machines to modern break-beats. Saving drum patterns and beats is easy to do and the app has an Export function so they can be saved or shared anywhere.

mzl_dxnpujrx_480x480-75Loopseque (£4.49 on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? A similar app to Loopseque Kids, the slightly more advanced Loopseque app uses circles that can be filled in to create songs. With four circles each having a different set of sounds, from drum beats to melodies, it is really easy to start making music straight away.

Why do we love it? The app is really accessible from the moment it opens, allowing for instant creativity in a fun and simple way. One of the best things about Loopseque is that users can explore the app’s features by adding effects, layering the various loops and selecting the many different sounds that are included. This means that the music can be simple or advanced, enabling a load of possibilities.

screen480x480KORG iELECTRIBE (£14.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 8+.

What is it? Based on the Korg Electribe Sampler, the app version contains all of the effects and sounds that you can find in the real thing. Some of the more complicated features can take a bit of getting used to, but it is very easy to start making drum beats straight away.

Why do we love it? The iElectribe app is so versatile and includes a huge range of sounds to be explored. The record and playback functions allow entire songs to be recorded and the many different dials and effects mean the possibility for creating something unique is brilliant.

screen480x480 (1)Make Me Music (£1.49 on iOS)

Perfect for: Early Years and SEND.

What is it? Make Me Music is an app designed to explore the different sounds that instruments make. Children are shown a variety of instruments and objects that you can tap on to play along with a backing track. Tracks can be changed to a range of styles such as Country and Latin and every sound works with it, meaning there are no mistakes.

Why do we love it? The number of instruments, objects and backing tracks to explore makes this simple app so much fun. The sounds are realistic and the app even has a record function so users can save the music they make once they’ve finished exploring.

IncrediboxIncredibox (Free)

Perfect for: Ages 5+.

What is it? Incredibox is a fun and incredibly simple online music making tool. By dragging and dropping certain outfits onto the ‘beatboxers’ on screen, users are able to layer up different elements of a song. There are 4 types of outfits, or sounds, that can be used in any combination across the seven beatboxers available. With so many possible combinations, a unique song can be put together in minutes.

Why do we love it? The app has a Record button so that users can save their tracks and even upload them to the Incredibox community for other people to hear. The Beatboxers can be changed, muted and soloed in real-time during recording to mix thing up. With four different versions of the game, each with their own unique sounds, it never gets boring!

hqdefaultToneMatrix (Free)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? ToneMatrix is a way to create looping musical patterns by simply clicking on a 16×16 grid and creating visual and auditory patterns. All the pitches are within the pentatonic scale so to help keep you in tune and there are eight different sounds to explore, including a drum machine.

Why do we love it? ToneMatrix is a great way to explore and create, as sound and visuals can be changed instantly with a click of a button. It links together visuals and sounds brilliantly as you can draw a desired shape and then experience the sound that it creates.

Screen Shot 2012-03-05 at 12.47.27 PMPatchwork Online Modular Synth (Free)

Perfect for: Ages 11+.

What is it? Patchwork is an advanced modular sound synthesis tool. Patchwork lets you link together various sound generators, effects, sequencers and utility modules to create sounds from across multiple genres, from eery electronica to deafening dubstep.

Why do we love it? You can save and share where you leave your modifications, really helping to create a communal feeling of play with the app. There is a huge amount of potential for creativity and originality within the app, as there are hundreds of options and tools to manipulate and change.

im-obsessed-with-this-fiendishly-difficult-app-that-separates-real-musicians-from-wannabesSteve Reich’s Clapping Music (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 7+.

What is it? Steve Reich’s Clapping Music is a game designed to help improve your rhythm by tapping along to Steve Reich’s 1972 clapping composition. Similar to video games such as Guitar Hero, you tap in time with the constantly shifting pattern, and progress through all of the compositions’ variations. If you are inaccurate to frequently or miss to many notes, it’s game over and you start again.

Why do we love it? Funded through the Arts Council and Nesta’s Digital R&D Fund, what we really love about this app is how simplistically addictive it is. The joys of success and infuriation of failure will leave you itching to launch into a new game every time that you get a game over.

maxresdefaultOcarina (£0.79 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 5+.

What is it? Ocarina does exactly what you’d expect it to, turning your tablet or phone into one of the most popular instruments in schools today. Simply blow air into the microphone to start making music whilst touching the holes on the screen to achieve notes. You can also tilt the screen to change depth and explore a range of keys and modes.

Why do we love it? What’s really great about the Ocarina app is the blowing element. So many apps, musical and otherwise, just involve the rigorous tapping of the screen that the necessity of this other gesture introduces a new, fun element to playing. It can also create confused faces on people in the office not sure what you’re doing blowing an iPad!

screen480x480Small Fish (£0.79 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 3+ and especially Early Years and SEND.

What is it? Interact with 15 different engaging and attractive environments, moving elements like circles, points or lines within the graphics to change the musical score. Changing the environment has immediate effect with a huge variety of lucid, different sound patterns and compositions available.

Why do we love it? The best thing about Small Fish is the range of environments and imagery, which are varied and brilliant to interact with. These stunning graphics and sounds and the instant implementations make it a great app to engage young people and those with SEND.

tech-mobile-app-loopimal-05Loopimal (£2.59 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 5-10 (and secretly enjoyed by parents and teachers).

What is it? Simply, Loopimal is a building kit of fantastic animations and sounds to be played with and explored. It’s a colourful, character-based sequencer for kids: drag coloured shapes into place on a timeline to trigger different sounds and animations for the cute animals on-screen.

Why do we love it? The app is just so engaging that it will get the undivided attention of children almost straight away. It’s great fun and quirky whilst helping to build an early understanding of sequences and loops.

caustic-modular-rear-panelCaustic (£7.99 on iOS or Free on Android)

Perfect for: 11+.

What is it? Caustic 3 is a music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizers. You can build and customise your own rack from a choice of 14 machines; ranging from Organ to BeatBox Drum Machine. Then create and edit your own tracks and record them within the app to share with friends.

Why do we love it? Caustic takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it the attention-to-detail and options available is hugely impressive. The ability to connect with an external keyboard is also a great plus.

Windows8musicmaker_thumbMusic Maker Jam (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect for: Ages 7+.

What is it? Music Maker Jam sees you arranging loops and samples – as well as your own vocal recordings – into a variety of songs. There’s a great catalogue of existing samples to choose from and an 8 channel mixer to mean there’s plenty you can do with them!

Why do we love it? Aside from the great selection of samples, styles and customisation offers. Music Jam is really intuitive and simple to use, meaning people of all abilities can leap in and produce some great sounding, original tracks in no time!

dr_seuss_band2Dr. Seuss Band (79p on iOS)

Perfect for: Early Years from Ages 3+.

What is it? With Seuss Band you can play along to the soundtracks to some of his most famous works, such as Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham or create your own tune with the range of weird and funny sounds on offer. You can play competitively to try for the High Score or in Free Mode to compose your own original horn tunes.

Why do we love it? The ability to immerse into the beautiful and crazy world of Dr Seuss is what makes this app great. With authentic songs and a range of 120 sound combinations, and great artwork that makes you feel part of a Seussian tale, you’ll be speaking in rhyme in absolutely no time! I meant what I said, and I said what I meant… this app’s great fun, one hundred per cent!

Dubstep Drumpads 24 (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect for: Ages 10+.

What is it? Dubstep Drum Pads is an easy beat-making instrument for creating dubstep beats and music! With 7 different types of sounds available including Kiks, Hats and Vocals and a series of effects such as Filter, Delay, Pitch and Distortion which can be manipulated, there is a great range of options to get your track sounding like a professional production in no time.

Why do we love it? The app has some fantastic built-in tutorials to help people of any ability and experience access it and start creating dubstep. The ability to record and share your creations with friends and the wider dubstep community on social media really helps the app to have a communal, together experience.

propellerhead_figureFigure – Propellerhead (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 8+.

What is it?  Figure allows you to create tracks through drums, bass and lead synth, controlled with easy to use touch interface. Once you have created a track you share it within the Figure community, which allows you to download other people’s songs and remix/manipulate them to provide your own unique spin!

Why do we love it? The fantastic thing about Figure is the speed and accessibility of the app, made for a really mobile experience offering great-sounding results that can be achieved in a matter of seconds. Despite this though the app maintains enough depth that you can also sit down and get your teeth into it an see some really great outputs.

5a800590-62d6-488c-95e5-dc42ee2e9bf8-620x372Auxy Music Creation (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 12+.

What is it? Auxy is a simple sequencer-type app to make modern electronic, music. The app allows you to create your own drum and synth loops from one to four bars. From there you can tweak and edit them to get the perfect sound before uploading to the internet and sharing your creations with friends and family.

Why do we love it? The minimalist look and feel of Auxy really sets it apart from similar apps. With stripped down graphics and an easy to manoeuvre interface, including a helpful tutorial – it really lacks the imposing look and over-complicated options of many other apps.

Vio (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Vio is a vocal modification app that allows you to easily alter the style and pitch of your voice. The app allows your singing to be in tune and harmonised easily and also has a range of advanced options, allowing you to explore looping, adjustable keys, scales, tempos and more.

Why do we love it? The brilliant range of things to play with is the stand out appeal of Vio, as the sheer number of ways to modify and manipulate your voice can keep you entertained for hours. There’s a whole range of sounds to use on your voice; from bumblebee to blues boogie and classical to 8-bit.

tc-performer-performance-screen-1-1024x768TC-Performer (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 5+

What is it? TC-Performer is a software synthesiser with fantastic multi-touch performance options. You simply start touching the screen wherever you like and sounds are generated based on your movements.

Why do we love it? The many ways to manipulate the sounds within TC-Performer are really impressive, making it so much more than a tap-to-play virtual instrument. You can pull, tap, drag, twist, and stretch your touches on the screen to create a variety of sounds, with plenty of additional pads and effects to add as well.

ravebox2Ravebox (79p on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 8+ (Or anyone with a passion for 90s dance music).

What is it? Ravebox is a mini synth containing a variety of Beats, Breaks, Bass Loops and Tunes that you can mash together to create your very own dance, trance of electronica track. Sounds can be recorded and shared, so your friends and family can join in on the regression session!

Why do we love it? Simply put, Ravebox is a great bit of fun and a throwback to the “Old Skool” days of the 90s. Enough samples available to create a range of authentic sounding anthems that will take you straight back to the days of Faithless and Underworld.

maxresdefaultKeezy Dummer (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Keezy Drummer is a really simple to use and accessible programmable drum machine. With 12 different percussion sounds and the option to have 9 layers at a time, there are endless combinations and compositions to create.

Why do we love it? What’s great about this app is just how easy it is to use, you’ll be making drum beats in seconds! Accessible with numerous devices and with a bright, clear layout, people of all ages and ability can jump straight into music-making.

Polyfauna_01PolyFauna (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect for: Ages 11+.

What is it? Polyfauna is a truly immersive experience, where your screen brings you into a different world to explore and enjoy. Move your screen around to travel through a variety of abstract landscapes, with soothing and relaxing music that changes in relation to your movements.

Why do we love it? Best enjoyed through headphones, you really can get lost inside Polyfauna and it’s calming sights and sounds. A great app to wind down with, it also features some great original music by the band Radiohead.

screen568x568Music Learning Lab (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Early Years.

What is it? Music Learning Lab is designed to start teaching music composition. The app offers two key functions: Learn, which provides interactive lessons in music that you participate in and Create, where you pick your instruments and can start making your own simplistic music on a basic grid.

Why do we love it? The app is incredibly accessible to start making music easily and enjoyably, with some fantastically designed animal characters and animations to help engage its early years audience.

3_smallReal Ukulele (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? A virtual instrument app to really get you in a summer mood, Real Ukulele provides you with a good range of chords you can play and a variety of ways to play it, allowing you to strum or pluck to create fantastically realistic sounds.

Why do we love it? The best thing about Real Ukulele is the strong and authentic sound that it produces and the simplistic layout, that allows you to start playing almost as soon as you open the app.

20121227_349714Glitch Breaks (£3.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 11+.

What is it? Glitch Breaks is a drum synth where you can manipulate the drum sounds and loops and twist them into original sounds. There is a great variety of loops you can upload, being able to manipulate up to 4 at any one time.

Why do we love it? Glitch Breaks is brilliant for creating original and innovative sounds, with a great bank of effects you can use to manipulate your creations. The record and sharing functions also means you can store your creations and show them off to friends and family.

screen480x480 (1)ChordBank (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect for: Ages 7+.

What is it? With ChordBank you can learn and look up thousands of guitar chords. The app shows full finger placements for all chords and has the brilliant Reverse ChordFinder option to play the in-app guitar to identify chords that you can play but don’t know the name of.

Why do we love it? ChordBank is really quick and easy to use and is a great resource for learning to play the guitar. Seeing the chords visually represented on the guitar really helps to make the app more accessible and lets you transfer the skills and techniques instantly.


Melodica (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Melodica mixes lights and sounds, allowing anyone to compose music and create amazing visual effects just with the tips of your fingers. Music is created through programming patterns on to the grid, with sounds altered to match your mood, which you give when you open the app.

Why do we love it? The great thing about Melodica is how simple it is to use and how this allows almost anyone to access it and create their own unique melodies. It’s truly suitable for all ages and is a great app for use with SEND groups and individuals.

suggester-f-jazz-progression-ipadChord Suggester (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 7+.

What is it? Chord Suggester is a tool to assist in the creation of songs and chord progressions. This app will help you find chords that work together – just type in a chord and it will tell you all of the options which naturally follow it.

Why do we love it? This is a great and really easy to use tool for songwriters, it has all the chords available and you can hear them all on a built-in piano to get an idea of how they will work in sequence.

mzl.vvoxdzwb_279128TonePad (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? TonePad has a simple 16×16 interface. Touch a circle and it’ll turn white and play a tone. The app reads these circles like sheet music – from left to right, with higher tones at the top, lower ones at the bottom.

Why do we love it? The best thing about TonePad is its simplicity, which makes it accessible to all ages and abilities. You can save and share your creations as well as downloading what your friends have made.

IMG_0375Sensory Sound Box (£1.49 on iOS)

Perfect for: Early Years & SEN.

What is it? Sensory Sound Box is a developmental touch skills app. Pick from 18 different scenes which play a continuous sound that changes pitch or intensity as your finger moves around the screen.

Why do we love it? It’s fantastically engaging to use and plays with sounds and lights in a really interesting way. It is also a good learning app and can help to teach about “up & down” and “high & low”.

thumbjam-split-screenThumbJam (£6.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 5+.

What is it? ThumbJam is a sample-based app with over 40 instruments to choose from. Simply run your fingers over the screen and start making a brilliant range of music based around your hand action.

Why do we love it? The great thing about ThumbJam is the multiple options for customisation and the great range of sounds that are available. You can change the length of the scale to suit the player which allows people of all abilities to get involved quickly and easily.

screen480x480Steel Drums (£0.79 on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Steel Drums does exactly what is says on the tin! A simulation of a fully functioning West-Indian Steel Drum with 12 different notes, allowing you to explore and compose freely.

Why do we love it? The best thing about Steel Drums is just how simple it is to use, as the second the app opens you can start making music. It’s also a more unusual and unique instrument than the synths and guitars you find in most iPad apps.

Moog Filtatron (£4.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 10+.

What is it? Filtatron is a sampler that allows you to manipulate the sounds to create a variety of effects. You can create basic recordings all set around sounds from a Moog synthesiser.

Why do we love it? The scope for manipulating the sounds with the built-in effects in Filtatron is really impressive, with a variety of envelopes and LFO’s that you can use to alter sound.

2011.07-fallingstarsscreenFalling Stars (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 3+.

What is it? Falling Stars is very similar to soundrop, drawing lines to create sounds and patterns. Based around stars falling from the sky and hitting leaves and vines placed by the user.

Why do we love it? As with soundrop, Falling Stars is great for exploring and teaching different sounds, tones and rhythms. It also has a lot more sounds to generate when drawing lines, giving it more feeling of originality.

SoundPrism-Electro-main-screen-1SoundPrism (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 8+.

What is it? SoundPrism enables you to start creating great music immediately without any previous knowledge. With stunning visuals to display pitches and great intuitive controls you can compose melodies, tones and chord patterns with ease.

Why do we love it? The best thing about SoundPrism are definitely its graphics, which look incredible, if a little daunting at first! Once you get the hang of it though you’ll be creating great melodies on the beautiful interface in no time.

autorapAutoRap (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect for: Ages 12+.

What is it? AutoRap can turn anybody into a rapper, no matter what your ability. Choose a beat then say your lyrics and AutoRap will auto-tune your verse to match the tempo of the backing track you have chosen. You can rap to a range of popular songs as well as free backing tracks, and can enter into ‘rap battles’ with its multiplayer mode.

Why do we love it? More than anything AutoRap is just great fun. It allows anybody to feel like an accomplished rapper instantly and also has great multiplayer and sharing features so that you can get as many people as you like involved.

screen480x480Jelly Band (£1.49 on iOS, Free on Android)

Perfect for: Early Years.

What is it? Jelly Band is an app that lets you create your own interactive orchestra combining different melodies and instruments.

Why do we love it? It gives a great idea of how different instruments work together to construct a piece of music, the jelly characters give a really appealing visual element to the app that makes it fun for all ages.

dm1-drum-machine-appDM1 – The Drum Machine (£3.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 8+.

What is it? DM1 is an advanced vintage Drum Machine with 99 electronic drum kits and clear, easy to navigate graphics. The main feature is a Step Sequencer which allows you to create and manipulate a variety of rhythms and beats with just a tap of the finger. It also has simple drumpads, sound mixing and a basic song composer to explore.

Why do we love it? The great thing about DM1 is how easy and fast it is to use with its simple layout and step sequencer. The app allows you to dive in and start creating beats instantly, regardless of your ability levels.

screen520x924Virtuoso Piano Free 3 (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 6+.

What is it? Virtuoso maps various orchestral instruments across a piano interface. With 4 different pianos and 7 instruments there’s a great variety of customisation options, including a double piano feature on iPad.

Why do we love it? What you really notice when using Virtuoso is just how great the sound is and how authentic a playing experience it offers. The technology allows you to slide your finger to roll the keys and create louder and softer noises depending on how you tap, bringing you as close as possible to real piano playing.

screen480x480TF7 Synth (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 10+.

What is it? A Polyphonic synthesiser with loads of effects that you can use to sculpt your own sound. With 20 high-quality free sounds, TF7 allows you to play music by playing shapes across the pad interface! You can play across more than one key at the same time and morph your sounds whilst playing to create something entirely original!

Why do we love it? TF7 is a fantastically visual app and makes it so easy to create something really original, making it a great place for a budding musician to begin honing their skills.

screen480x480TuneTrain (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 3-8.

What is it? Tune Train is an app to help children to compose melodies. Melodies are written by drawing a path for the train and connecting people to learn about the pitch of musical notes.

Why do we love it? A fantastic app for encouraging original creations and a love of music at an early age. Tune Train teaches about the fundamental structure of music and melody creation in a beautiful and interactive environment.

alchemy-ipad-630-80Alchemy Synth (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 11+.

What is it? Alchemy is a synthesiser tool that you can use to create original sounds through manipulating the various buttons on offer. The app has a huge range of sounds and a brilliant Remix and Sketch Pad which offer endless possibilities.

Why do we love it? The best thing about Alchemy is the sheer number of features that it has. With some fantastic preset sounds and the ability to create up to 4 layers of recordings you can easily create complex and unique tracks.

screen480x480 (1)Beatwave (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Early Years & SEN.

What is it? Beatwave lets you make amazing music simply by tapping. The app contains a grid of squares which you can light up to start making ethereal, relaxing melodies that can be easily changed or customised.

Why do we love it? Beatwave is a very visual app as you can create bright, dynamic pictures through the squares at the same time as composing your melody. This multi-sensory aspect allows you to draw interesting pictures and explore how they translate into a piece of music.

Audiobus (£2.99 on iOStraktordj_audiobus3)

Perfect for: Anyone who uses music apps!

What is it? Audiobus is a great tool for connecting music-making apps together. Load either sound-generating apps, processing or recording apps and connect them to play together and record performances that would normally be lost!

Why do we love it? An essential for iOS music-makers. The great range of apps that work with the programme means that Audiobus can revolutionise the way you make music on iPads.

Dubstep Makericon175x175 (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Teenagers or those with an interest in dubstep.

What is it? An easy to use app for creating dubstep tracks and exploring the tools and features used in production. Uses basic looping and samples to experiment with and start creating your own original layers.

Why do we love it? The simple layout and accessible nature allows anyone with a passion for dubstep to start making their own music. Also has a brilliant range of features, with 38 Editable Pads and over 120 Loops and FX.

screen480x480Loopseque Kids (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Early Years.

What is it? In Loopseque everything is musical! Touch anything on the screen to make a sound and explore the calm and colourful environment. Over time children begin to explore rhythm and create their own musical patterns using basic loops and layers.

Why do we love it? An engaging place for a child to begin constructing their own music, Loopseque is a great place to create original sounds & increase musical knowledge.

Duck-Roll-1Duck & Roll (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 5+

What is it? Duck & Roll is an addictive rhythm game where the aim is to tap the stars as they pass over the star shaped holes onscreen, keeping time with the rock music that plays on each level.

Why do we love it? The app is fantastic for helping practice timing and gets progressively harder, giving plenty of room for development. The variety of challenging levels make it great fun and hard to put down!

gravitarium22-642x481Gravitarium2 (£1.49 on iOS)

Perfect for: Early Years & SEN.

What is it? A very visual app with a relaxing, ethereal musical accompaniment. Run fingers across the screen to create a variety of different, unique patterns and colours with the option to share or save your creations.

Why do we love it? Gravitarium2 is a really engaging and visual app, with the ability to create and save original work whilst enjoying the relaxing atmosphere it creates.

screen480x480Percussive Free (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Early Years.

What is it? A xylophone application which is simple to use and gives a brilliant introduction to the instrument. With two octaves and the option to play hard or soft it puts a range of sounds at your fingertips.

Why do we love it? Percussive produces an impressively realistic sound and also has the musical notes written on it – making it a great tool for learning about musical notes and the way that they sound.

Blob Chorusmzl.pocwqkzy (Free on iOS or £1.99 on Android)

Perfect for: Early Years & SEN.

What is it? Blob Chorus is a fantastic tool to introduce children to pitch and help to improve their ability to identify notes. Each of the blobs in the chorus sing a note then king blob sings his note. The aim of the game is to identify which blob sang the same note as king blob.

Why do we love it? With a wide range of difficulties, from 2 blobs to 8, there is plenty of scope for progression and development helping to improve listening skills and identify pitch. 


Songwriter’s Pad (£5.49 on iOS or £3.22 on Android)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Songwriter’s Pad is a brilliant lyric writing app for people of all levels and experience. Contains a variety of tools including rhyme generator, dictionary, thesaurus, chord notation and a word and phrase idea suggester to help craft your perfect lines.

Why do we love it? It’s a fantastic app for helping people to be creative and write themselves original and engaging lyrics, even if they have no prior experience in songwriting.

musycMusyc (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: Ages 6+ & SEN.

What is it? Musyc is a fun and innovative music application where touch turns into music. Draw shapes and lines to create sounds by bouncing balls off of your creation to learn about rhythm whilst having fun. 

Why do we love it? The interactive and immediate nature of the app makes it very engaging for the user. There are also endless combinations and patterns to be created and experimented with, giving Musyc great longevity.

Music Ballmusicball (Free on iOS )

Perfect for: Early Years and SEN.

What is it? Create a range of relaxing sounds and visuals on your iPad just by moving your hands around the screen.  Different areas of the screen make up a basic musical scale, allowing you to experiment and create your own compositions.

Why do we love it? Easy to use and very relaxing, Music Ball’s main benefit is its endless potential for experimentation and creating original sounds.

Aquasonic (£1.aquasonic249 on iOS)

Perfect for: SEN.

What is it? Another great app for both audio and visual relaxation. With Aquasonic you can control the on-screen sounds, modes and water animation by touching, rotating, shaking, and panning the device and by using some easy to learn gestures.

Why do we love it? The range of different instruments, scales and settings gives this app endless possibility for customisation and invention. The addition of easy tools for sharing and recording compositions is also a brilliant feature.

Magic Zither (Free on iOS & Androidmagic zither)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Magic Zither brings a traditional Chinese instrument into the modern age and is easy to play; producing great sounds and visuals. Also contains ancient Chinese poetry, paintings and songs, giving a great insight into the country’s culture.

Why do we love it? Very accessible and enjoyable app that allows you to make music and learn traditional songs whilst exploring and learning about instruments and cultures from different countries.

change4-life-fun-generator-app-136380801832810401-130524085838Change4Life Fun Generator (Free on iOS and Android)

Perfect for: Parents and practitioners of children of all ages.

What is it? It’s packed with over 100 activities for children to enjoy both inside and out. Use the simple interface to request location and number of participants, then explore the suggestions and get active!

Why do we love it? The easy layout and menu means you can have a fantastic range of activities at your fingertips in seconds. The activities are brilliant for getting children moving and making keeping active fun for the whole family.

MadPad HD (£1.99 on iOSmzl.rupztjlm.175x175-75)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? With MadPad you can “Remix your Life”. Record up to 12 clips of unique sounds, store them and then play them back by tapping on each thumbnail. Its customisation functions allow you to change the pitch and volume of your clips and experiment with loops.

Why do we love it? MadPad’s ability to combine music production and your surroundings creates a really engaging and fun experience whilst still exploring things like pitch and loops. Recording your own clips creates a completely original and unique experience.

Bebot (£1.4screen568x5689 on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages, but we tend to use this more with Early Years groups.

What is it? Part robot, Part synth – Bebot is a versatile musical synthesizer with a unique control method. Featuring four different modes, Bebot offers a wide range of sounds and a high degree of control, making it a very effective tool for teaching pitch.

Why do we love it? Bebot’s main appeal is its accessibility. Early Years groups or those with no experience of playing a musical instrument can have great fun making sounds and watching Bebot sing along.

Novation Launchpad (Free on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages.

What is it? Launchpad provides a grid of samples which can be turned on and off to create layers of sound. A range of sessions and content means there are endless mixing possibilities whilst mixes can be recorded and shared through a variety of mediums. 

Why do we love it? Its use of modern musical genres like dubstep and house makes it very engaging for teenagers and young people. 

Bloom HDiPad Screenshot 2 (£2.49 on iOS)

Perfect for: All ages

What is it? Part instrument, part composition and part artwork, Bloom allows anyone to create elaborate patterns and unique melodies by simply tapping the screen.

Why do we love it? Unique and interesting, Bloom HD allows novices and experts alike to compose easily and freely and is also very visually stimulating, with a variable selection of shades and sounds at your fingertips.


Ultimate Ear Trainer (99p on iOS or 82p on Android)eartrainer

Perfect for: All ages

What is it? “A unique ear training program that will train your ear to recognize all notes in relation to a tonal center, or key.”

Why do we love it? It helps you train your ears and develop your listening abilities in a fun, game like way that’s suitable for all ages.

screen480x480 (1)Singing Fingers (free on iOS, unofficial versions are also available for android)

Perfect for: Early Years and SEN

What is it? Singing fingers will record your sounds as you draw.

Why do we love it? We love using this visually pleasing app in our Early Years and SEN workshops to explore making sounds, cause and effect, pitch and mixing artforms.



Toca Band (£1.99 on iOS)

Perfect for: They recommend 2+

What is it? A colourful app full of musical characters to create your own band.

Why do we love it? It gives an idea of how different instruments work together to layer and build a piece of music, the characters bring a nice visual element to the sounds that is fun for all ages.



Soundrop (free on iOS but the £1.99 upgraded version includes additional features)

Perfect for: All ages

What is it? Draw simple lines for the dropping sounds to bounce off to create rhythms.

Why do we love it? We use this game-style app in many of our Early Years workshops for exploring and teaching different sounds, tones and rhythms.

Garage Band (free on iOS)

Perfect for: All agesscreen568x568

What is it? Similar to the famous apple mac software, the app version of garage band allows you to experiment with different instruments, and use samples, loops and your own recorded sounds to create original pieces of music.

Why do we love it?
It’s an essential part of our app toolkit and the variety of instruments and functions keeps us busy for hours!

TNR-i (costs £13.99 fo20110704-tenorioniOS, unofficial versions for android are also available)

Perfect for: All ages

What is it? Based on the Tenori-on, this app allows you to create 16 beat loops on a light up grid.

Why do we love it? The Tenori-on has been used by professional musicians including Little Boots and can be used with other instruments to create unique electronic music tracks. With younger players, you can use Tenor-ion to help teach pitch, layering, sequencing and rhythm.

D-jay (costs £13.99 for iOS)


Perfect for: All ages, but we tend to use this more with around age 8 and older.

What is it? This app gives a ‘DJ’ experience with the music on your device.

Why do we love it? It allows you to experiment opportunities for creativity and music making with existing tracks, as well as raising awareness of components such as tempo and rhythm in the music as you try to sync songs and create new combinations.