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Past Projects


MUSIC IN THE FRAMEworks! was the EMEYN Conference held at the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust. The event brought together practitioners to explore "how to deliver music through all areas of learning and development".

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Sing Up!

Sing Up! 2007 - 2013
Sing Up is the Music Manifesto’s National Singing Programme. It is a programme to make sure that singing is at the heart of every primary school child’s life in the belief that singing has power to change lives and help to build stronger communities.
Sing Up’s overall aim is to raise the status of singing and increase opportunities for primary school children throughout the country to enjoy singing as part of their everyday lives.

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sound52 – Youth Music Action Zone

sound52 – Youth Music Action Zone 2002 - 2013
sound52 was the largest, loudest and hottest participatory music project ever to happen in the East Midlands!
It was one of only twenty four Youth Music Action Zones operating throughout England and Wales and was made possible through a complex package of funding from a range of sources.
sound52 provided a crucial stepping stone on the road to a musical future for almost 50,000 young musicians from all over the country.

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soundSPORT 2012
In partnership with Lincolnshire Sports Partnership, soundSPORT delivered music events and activities throughout Lincolnshire to a diverse range of participants.
Inspired by the sense of celebration and carnival at key sporting events we created a unique activity involving the spectacle of a 14’ high metal ‘sound sculpture’. These events took place at various sporting events across Lincolnshire during the summer of 2011.

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Sing 66

Sing 66 2011
Held at the Meres Leisure Centre in Grantham in February 2011, Sing 66 was the largest single event in the country forming part of National Sing Up Day; with over 1000 children from 48 schools across Lincolnshire gathering to mark the occasion with songs and celebrations.

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Voltage – Volunteering for Young People

Voltage – Volunteering for Young People 2008 - 2011
Voltage was a Youth Music programme that offered young people aged 16-25 years an opportunity to volunteer with music activities.
Young people worked with soundLINCS on several projects and also organised their own events.
Both these events featured performances from young musicians, singers and rappers and also offered music workshops to join in with.

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Pass It On

Pass It On 2010
Pass It On was the culmination of four years of Sing Up activities for 1000 pupils from 11 primary schools across the county, held at Lincolnshire Showground’s EPIC Centre in October 2010.
The event was an opportunity to display and reward the work and development of the participators in the SIng Up programme.

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Branston Cluster Choir

Branston Cluster Choir 2010
The Branston Cluster Choir was a five-month project which saw a collaboration of 300 children from 14 schools in Branston and nearby villages, culminating in a grand-scale vocal performance in front of a sell out audience of 1000 at Lincoln Cathedral in June 2010.

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