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November App Share

Bonfire Night might have already come and gone but we can still get November off with a fizz and a bang with 3 more Apps we’re loving in workshops (and the office) this month.

Let us know if you’ve used any of these apps and what you thought of them, plus what you’ve been using recently. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your favourites, and visit App Share to see more of ours!

Photo-2015-03-26-12-24-04-AMMedly (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 11+.

What is it? Meldy offers a systematic and comprehensive music-making experience. It breaks up your song into sections that you can easily pick up, move, delete, copy, and link together to make loops. You can then arrange your sections, using up to 8 instrument tracks, to make your own tracks, with an array of mixers and effects available.

Why do we love it? The level of choice on Medly is impressive, with a whopping 92 instruments at your fingertips as you begin to create your composition. A great array of support, sharing and accessibility options also mean it is always available to you and you can make music anywhere!

hqdefaultWeDrum (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 5+.

What is it? Following on from the success of numerous guitar based simulators, WeDrum allows you to play along to an array of popular songs and immerse yourself in the band experience. Achieve the best score that you can and earn the adoration of the crowd!

Why do we love it? Whilst we can’t pretend that it replicates the true drumming experience, it is a great entry point and the chance to join in on famous tracks really helps immerse you in the situation and make any new learners feel like a star. We also always love a chance to break a top score!

maxresdefaultNOIZ (Free on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 8+.

What is it? NOIZ is a music-making production app using beats, fills and effects to create original tracks. It has a simple drag and drop method to build your masterpiece, which you can edit a variety of elements of including scales and tempos. This can then be recorded, uploaded and shared to your friends and the wider internet.

Why do we love it? Simply put, NOIZ looks great, the bright design and engaging interface really sets it apart from other similar apps and makes it a delight to interact with.

To view more of our favourite apps and start app-lying yourself to music technology visit our App Share page.

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