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May App Share

Spring appears to have sprung and so has App Share, back with 3 new music apps to help avoid any Mayday cries of distress this month!

Let us know if you’ve used any of these apps and what you thought of them, plus what you’ve been using recently. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter with your favourites, and visit App Share to see more of ours!

songHum (£2.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Anyone who loves writing songs.

What is it? Hum is an app that brings together all your songwriting inspirations and musings to make sure nothing gets lost again! It combines note-taking and audio recording into one place and allows you to organise them by key, tuning and mood for a simple and easily accessible layout.

Why do we love it? The way Hum links with other apps makes it excellent as a single destination for songwriters. Everything can be backed up on dropbox, audio can be imported from other apps and with a built-in tuner and instant playback option it even serves as a very capable recording suite.

djay2-iphone-800x450djay2 (£1.99 on iOS and £2.99 on Android)

Perfect For: Ages 10+.

What is it? djay2 is one of the best-selling music apps out there, connecting with your device to create a playlist of your songs that you can mix, loop, sample, scratch and record to across one or several decks to start sounding like a master mixer in no time.

Why do we love it? djay2 has enough depth and options to offer something to people of all ability levels, however the fact that can interact with tracks from your Spotify and iTunes accounts makes it incredibly accessible to beginners, as they can experiment with the music that they know and love.

IMG_0030Tessitura Pro (£5.99 on iOS)

Perfect For: Ages 12+.

What is it? Tessitura Pro is a dense and powerful resource for learning and studying musical structures and scales. With really detailed tutorials and a series of videos included to help, it is an incredible learning tool for aspiring (and established) musicians and composers.

Why do we love it? The beauty of Tessitura is very much in its depth. There are a seemingly endless number of things to study and practice making it a great resource for improvisation and composition.

To view more of our favourite apps and start app-lying yourself to music technology visit our App Share page.

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